29 January 2010

Life in the Mushroom Kingdom

Ari had another Mario themed birthday party this year, and we stepped it up in the decoration department. We ordered some Super Mario Bros. wall clings to put on the wall for the party, with plans to then move them into his bedroom because he wants a Mario room. The clings are transferable, but we thought it would be better to only move them once, so Valerie granted me permission to leave them up in the living room until we get Ari's room painted; which we are planning to do this weekend. So, for the past couple of weeks, I like to think I have had a glimpse of what life would be like if I lived in the mushroom kingdom.

With koopa troopas walking across the end table.

Coins above my head.

An item block ready to be hit, and a one-up gliding across some blocks.

All the while being looked down on by the residents, with special guest, Donkey Kong.
If I look hard enough, there are some goombas also peeking out here and there, but they are notorious for not wanting their picture taken.
It's been a fun couple of weeks with our temporary decor, but I'm so excited about how Ari's room will look when we get everything set up in there. Stay tuned...


  1. Magical for adults, but I imagine radically mind-blowing for toddlers! What fun! Miss you!

  2. Gosh, I love that camera! What great pictures. Tonight we move the Mushroom Kingdom to Ari's room!



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