31 January 2010

The Closest I'll Ever Get to Time Travel

Every once in a while we get to reminiscing on Friday nights. Every once in while that reminiscing leads to scouring YouTube for the theme songs to shows from our childhood. This past Friday was one of those nights. Having done this a few times in the past we really had to look in the recesses of our minds to think of shows that we had not already looked up.

It's fun to find the shows that I haven't seen or thought about since I was a child. Just seeing those intros I almost feel like I am being transported back to the days when those shows were part of my daily life. It's a little eerie. Then I wonder why I was allowed to watch so much TV when I was a kid.

The best example of this odd sensation came when I watched the opening of "Welcome to Pooh Corner" for the first time in probably over twenty years. Seeing this took me back to when I was in kindergarten. I felt as if I had just woke up, and was getting ready for school. I could even smell the cinnamon toast my mom was preparing for me. For almost two minutes, I felt like I had traveled back to the time when I was six years old. It was pretty strange. So, if any of you want to know what my mornings where like when I was in kindergarten, I posted the clip below.

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