15 October 2009

A Quilt for Emilie

Before I started work on my R.E.M. quilt, my original plan was to make quilts for Ari & Emilie. The R.E.M. quilt was just going to be something to get me started so I would know what I was doing and not mess up the quilts I wanted to make for my kids. I learned a lot from making my first quilt and did a few things differently this time around. The R.E.M. quilt turned out better than I expected, so that gave me a lot of confidence and excitement toward making more.

Emilie's quilt is now complete and I must say it was much easier making a quilt without using t-shirts. I used the same basic concept as my first quilt by essentially just cutting squares and sewing them together. I then made a solid colored backing and tied the quilt layers together. It came out beautifully! I think it is just the right size for her.
I was able to get it done rather quickly and she absolutely loves it. She already knows that I made it for her, and I hope it becomes special to her as she grows up.
I am planning on making Ari's quilt out of his Mario shirts when he outgrows them. Yes, he has that many! But I don't get a break. We have already bought the fabric for me to make a quilt for Valerie. Stay tuned...


  1. This is so special, Luke! Great job, this quilt looks great!

  2. This is really good Luke! She sure seems to love it! That's really special for her to have. Can Ari and Valerie wait their turns? I bet they're getting quite antsy. Oh! By the way, I finally put up your June topic for Ditalini Press. Whew! Procrastination had me by the neck! I'm going to work on the other topics I missed too. :)

  3. Thanks for the comments Eva & Katie!

    Katie, I have the front of Valerie's complete, she has been quite antsy indeed. We are going to buy the batting this week so I hope to have it finished in a week or two. This cold weather really has my quilting juices flowing! I can't wait to read your new post on Ditalini Press. I missed your presence there.



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