05 October 2009

Our nutty squirrel

Ever since we have lived in this neighborhood, we have enjoyed the squirrels that traipse merrily about outside. Thinking of these squirrels brings back a memory of the fearless squirrel that challenged Walter to a dual and would not back down. The squirrel won the showdown and Walter spent the rest of our walk without the same spring in his step he is known for.

The squirrels that take residence in the maple tree in our back yard are especially entertaining. A year or so ago, I snapped the picture posted above of the squirrel lounging on a tree branch. This summer, we decided to put a squirrel feeder on our tree as a token of appreciation for all the joy these squirrels have brought us the last few years.

Just a small token of thanks to our nutty squirrel.


  1. When I lived on S. Union, we had loads of squirrels, even more so than in rural Russiaville! I used to love setting fruit out on the fence post and watching them nibble and then chill out like the squirrel in photo one. I love these critters! Did my mom tell you about Bilbo?

  2. They do provide unique entertainment. I haven't heard of this Bilbo fellow, I'd like to know more.

  3. Bilbo is my mom's squirrel! He is a runt that is rather tame, he'll take walnuts from your hands and you can touch him. But right now he's too busy storing nuts for winter for caresses.

  4. Hi everyone! Let's see if I can post. Bilbo's full name is Bilbo Beggins. I will try to post pictures of him here, he is just adorable, and has been seen doing complete back-flips and circles after finding peanuts that we have laid out for him! This is Mom speaking (Aunt Joan to you, Luke!)

  5. Mom! Congratulations on blog posting! Good to have your heavenly presence here. I didn't know Bilbo did backflips, this is amazing!

  6. It's so wonderful to hear from you Aunt Joan; thanks for the comment. I have got to see this sqirrel!



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