11 May 2011


We moved our young plants from the safety of the porch to the big world of the garden over the weekend.  I'm always nervous moving them outside because they look so small on fragile.  But, it needs to be done, and I'm sure they will thrive!
(Wisconsin 55)




There are a few other plants in the garden that didn't really warrant pictures at this time, but I'm sure their time will come soon enough.

We got rid of the little wooden fence we had last year and opted for a white metal variety.  We did this to "Walter-proof" the garden since he essentially destroyed the fence we had last year.  It may not look as nice, but I hope it is effective.  I love to watch our modest little garden grow!


  1. Looking good! Will you have to build a supporting structure for the peas or will they climb the fence? Or maybe they're not the climbing kind!!!

  2. The seed package states that they do not need a fence or structure to climb and they would be like a small bush. However, after seeing them in the ground, I am beginning to wonder otherwise. I may give them a week or so and see how they are doing.



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