17 March 2011

Lesson Learned

As we were leaving the house one morning on a cold and blustery day, I noticed the tulips had started to sprout out of the earth from their winters slumber.  As were driving around town, I noticed the trees starting to bud, preparing to burst with newborn leaves.

These sights caught me off guard because we have not had spring-like weather.  These are events I thought were triggered by warmer days; and we, by no means, had yet to have warm days.  With my curiosity peaked, I did some research on the matter, and found that temperature was only part of the equation.

Sunlight is the main cause for trees to bud, and perennials to sprout.  As the days get longer, the plants get more energy from the sun and begin to grow.  Just like in the fall, as the sunlight decreases, the trees know to shut down, lose their leaves, and prepare for winter.

At least I learned something from the cold clutches of winter refusing to give way to the revitalizing warmth of spring.  And warmer days are on the way!

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