09 September 2010

Oh where...is my toothbrush?

I had never seen a toothbrush with a suction cup on the bottom of it until Ari brought one home from the dentist.  It's nice because the toothbrush can stand up on the counter without assistance.  What will they think of next?  One night I was waiting for the kids to come brush their teeth and thought it would be a good idea to stick Ari's toothbrush somewhere he would not expect to find it.  I mean, it has a suction cup on it!  Why not have a little fun?

The first time I "hid" it, Ari's face lit up when he finally found it and it soon became a mandatory procedure to hide his toothbrush every night.  I don't mind; in fact, I probably enjoy finding different hiding places as much as he likes finding the toothbrush.  It's fun to shake up oral hygiene a little bit.

Who knew brushing teeth could be so much fun?


  1. hahahaha! I love it! Have you seen these for adults?

  2. Wow! This is so much fun. I want one now...hey, don't you think Crayola should be sending you payments? This is a great ad for fun oral hygiene hour!

  3. Thanks Eva & Katie! Unfortunately, I have not seen these for adults. Oh, the fun we would have; and yes, I do think I should receive some sort of compensation from Crayola! :)

  4. It's really funny to see your toothbrush sticking on the different walls of your house. Haha! I just hope your toothbrush won't fall into the toilet while you do that. LOL!



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