15 September 2009


Every year since we've lived on Main Street, I guess it would be about 5 years now, the tree directly across the street from us is the first tree where I notice the leaves changing color. It's always somewhat shocking to see it the first time. All the other trees in our neighborhood are still almost all green, but this one is in full swing of the abscission process.

I do enjoy this time of year. I love the autumn leaves, the crisp, cool mornings and evenings, and apples and pumpkins galore. Now, if there could only be a way to go directly from autumn to spring, I would be a happy camper. But I guess there wouldn't be an autumn or spring without winter, so I should be grateful for that, too.


  1. Wow I miss that stuff. I have lived in Vegas for 9 years and have forgotten all about "seasons". Right now, it's 82 degrees and it's 10am :). Nice picture, viva deciduousness!

  2. Yeah, Holly, I've often thought about how it would be nice to live in a warm climate year round; but I really think I would miss the changes the seasons bring here in the midwest.

  3. Isn't it still summer? I was just getting started. Are the seasons changing faster? Did the earth speed up or something? Or is this a by-product of getting older? I want that tree.



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