27 February 2009

Mario, Luigi, Lightning McQueen, The King, and Ari...best pals.
The boy sure does love his Cars and Mario Bros. toys. Who can blame him? He got his love for Mario and Luigi from me. I am a bona fide Nintendo fan; and I haven't met a Super Mario game I didn't like. I remember being 5 years old and playing Super Mario Bros. on the NES. Those were the days.
Ari has been playing some of the old Mario games we have downloaded from the virtual console on our Wii. We just completed Super Mario World together and he is working on the original Super Mario Bros. right now. So far, he has been able to beat world 1-1 all by himself. He's getting better and I think he is doing pretty good for just turning 3.
It's fun watching him play these games for the first time. I have played them so many times, I still have all the secret exits and warp zones etched in my brain. Scary...


  1. He plays better than me! I was impressed.

  2. Each time when i see Mario`s figurine it reminds me when it fell in the chocolate cake during Ari`s birthday.
    I remember seeing it falling slowly and i did`nt do anything.
    I thought maybe that you did`nt see the drama but i saw you rescue it pretty fast, faster than i could imagine.
    What`s exactly your feeling about Mario??
    Your chili was good i ate it with pleasure even if i'm still sick.
    Say hi to Ari for me
    Even during this economic crises, Say to Valerie to keep your children even if she has to work
    Talk to you soon We have cheep phone deal

  3. Thanks for the comment Daniel. My part in the Mario cake fiasco was mainly luck as I didn't actually see him fall, but I must have sensed it if I was able to get him so fast.
    As for my feelings on Mario, he is my favorite video game character of all time. From all the Super Mario games, to Paper Mario, Mario RPG's, and Mario Kart, I just can't get enough. And they are good clean games that I am glad that Ari can enjoy with me as well.
    I'm happy that you enjoyed my chili and I hope you are feeling better. We will miss you while you are gone; I'll tell Ari you said "hi" and I'm sure he'll be waiting to give you a "shot" when you get back.



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